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                Hearing Protection
                Hearing Protection | First Aid | Ergonomics | First Aid | Ergonomics
        Howard Leight QM24+                                     AS LOW AS           First Aid Kits
        Lightweight Earmuff                                 $ 13
        An ultra-lightweight, three-position
        earmuff designed for extended
        wear at a valued price. Weighing
        only 6 oz., the QM24+ features
        an adjustable crown strap for
        a secure fit.

         Item  Description                    Price
         40556 Howard Leight QM24+ Lightweight Earmuff with Strap (ea)  $9.47
        Back  Support
        •  8” breathable spandex mesh lumbar
          panel with elastic stretch panel
        •  Four plastic stays and two silicone
          threaded “Grip Strips”                                                        Even
        •  11/2” detachable hook and loop               Custom Kits                    Lower
          suspenders                                      Available
         Item  Description  Price                                                     Price!*
         A36038 Large, Waist 38” to 47” (ea) $12.93
                                                     •  Large assortment of first aid products  •  Conforms to OSHA
        Heavy-Duty Knee Pads                         •  Easy-open latch and compact design   standards
        Perfect for kneeling on rough abrasive surfaces   for easy storage  •  Quality first aid items
        and excellent for any application that demands                      •  Compact and portable
        maximum performance. Designed with a hard    Item  Description                    Price
        ABS knee cap that resists abrasion and works with                                 $13.95
        an extra long pad for optimum comfort. Available   40171  First Aid Kit, Plastic Case, 25 person (ea)
        with two comfortable, fully adjustable elastic   40273 First Aid Kit, Metal Case, 50 person (ea)   $49.63
        straps connecting with Velcro closures.                                        *lower than previous issue

         Item  Description                    Price  Honeywell Emergency Eyewash
         40150  Heavy Duty Knee Pads with Hard Caps (pr)  $12.34  •  Provides high visibility in
                                                      hazard areas and ready
        Disposable Ear Plugs                          availability for emergency
        Disposable, one-size-fits-all, lightweight foam ear   eye, face, and body
        plugs for constant or high noise-exposure settings.  flushing and decontami-
        •  Soft non-irritating PU foam material for
         comfort and ease of use                     •  Wall bracket, bacteriostatic
        •  NVLAP Certified NRR-32                     additive, test log card, and
                                                      drainage hose included

                                                      Item  Description                    Price
                                                      A99170 Emergency Station w/ Eyewash, one 16 oz bottle (ea)  $27.44
         Item  Description                     Price
         41833  Corded Disposable Ear Plugs (100 pr/bx)  $27.11  A99171 Emergency Station w/ Eyewash, two 32 oz bottles (ea)  $45.38
         41832  Uncorded Disposable Ear Plugs  (200 pr/bx)  $30.65  A25162 Eyewash refill, 16 oz bottle (ea)  $8.17
        Max-1 and Max-30                              A61322 Eyewash refill, 32 oz bottle (ea)  $11.47
        •  The world’s most-used                     FF-1 Uncorded Firmfit Earplugs
         polyurethane foam earplug                   Single-use, soft for wear-time comfort. Easy
        •  Bell shape delivers                       insertion and slow recovery increases compliance,
         maximum in-ear comfort                      and warning-orange color eases checks. SNR
                                                     37dB in most medium-to-high noise
         Item  Description                    Price
         40650 Max-1 Uncorded Earplugs (200 pr/bx)  $33.82  Item  Description              Price
         40651 Max-30 Corded Earplugs (100 pr/bx)  $33.74  1629-1751 FF-1 Uncorded Firmfit  Earplugs, (200 pr/box)  $24.78

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