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                                        Eye Protection

                AS LOW AS                            Aegis is500
               $ 2         Aegis is300               •  UV protection and   41443
                                                      anti-fog coating
                                    41462            •  Sporty, comfortable and
                                                     •  ANSI-standards    41444
                                                      compliant                            41449

                                                     Item  Description
                                                     41443  Aegis is500 Clear Lens w/Black Frame (ea)
                                                     41444 Aegis is500 Gray Lens w/Black Frame (ea)
              41484    41485      41486      41487
                                                     41449  Aegis is500 Mirror Lens w/Black Frame  (ea)
        Wraparound design for peripheral protection. Impact resistant polycarbon-  Aegis GSV Goggle
        ate lens; UV protection;  ANSI-standards compliant.  •  Indirect-vented splash
         Item  Description                    Price   protection
         41462  Aegis is300 Clear Lens w/Clear Frame (ea)   $2.19   •  Anti-fog lens
         41484  Aegis is300 Gray Lens w/Black Frame (ea)   $2.19
         41485  Aegis is300 Mirror Lens w/Black Frame (ea)   $3.10   Item  Description
         41486  Aegis is300 Amber Lens w/Amber Frame (ea)   $2.70   A98958 Aegis GSV Goggles (ea)
         41487  Aegis is300 Indoor/Outdoor w/Clear Lens (ea)   $3.19
                                                     Aegis is150
        is600 Sport Goggle                           Over-the-glasses
        Two-in-one sport goggle with removable headband and   style with anti-fog
        foam padding for tight fit. UV Protected.    coating. Polycarbonate lens
                                                     for impact resis tance and UV protection.
            Standard/Approvals:  ANSI Certified      Item  Description
                                                     A98960 Aegis is150 Clear Lens w/Clear Frame (ea)
                                                     Aegis GS Goggle
                                                     •  Indirect-vented splash
                                                     •  Fits over most
         Item   Description                           prescription lenses
         1604-3729 Aegis is600 Sport Goggle, Clear Lens, Anti-Fog Foam Lined Black Frame with Head Strap (ea)  •  Anti-fog coating
         1669-8122 Aegis Is600 Sport Goggle, Gray Lens, Anti-Fog Foam Lined Black Frame With Head Strap
                                                     Item  Description
        Aegis is350                                  40035 Aegis GS Goggle (ea)
        Flexible, non-slip   41475
        temples, with soft,                          Uvex Genesis XC
        clear nose pads.                             Extended wraparound
        Polycarbonate lens                           lens for extra cheek and
        for impact resistance,                       extra side coverage.
        with anti-fog coating.                  41476
        ANSI-standards compliant.                    Item  Description
         Item  Description                           A30481 Genesis XC Clear Uvextreme Lens w/Black Frame (ea)
         41475 Aegis is350 Clear Lens w/Black Frame (ea)  A30482 Genesis XC Gray Uvextreme Lens w/Black Frame (ea)
         41476 Aegis is350 Gray Lens w/Black Frame (ea)
         41478 Aegis is350 Amber Lens w/Black Frame (ea)  UVEX Stealth Safety Goggles
        Aegis is200                                  •  Toric Lens for superior
                                                      optics/peripheral vision
        Adjustable and             1655-3620         •  Snap-on lenses
        comfortable, with                            •  Rx Insert available
        polycarbonate lens.                          •  Meets ANSI Z87+ and
                                                      CSA Z94.3 standards
         Item   Description
                                                     Item  Description
         1655-3620 Aegis is200 Clear Lens, Black Adjustable Frame (ea)
         1656-3621 Aegis is200 Gray Lens, Black Adjustable Frame (ea)  40016  UVEX Stealth Uvextreme Anti-Fog Safety Goggles,
                                                          Clear Lens, Gray Frame (ea)
            = due to high demand, please call for pricing  9 9       Products subject to availability
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