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                                   Protective Clothing                                                                                             Section
        Economy Spunbound Polypropylene Coveralls
        Protective coveralls appropriate for use in environments with hazardous or
        non-hazardous contaminants. Porous construction for cool, comfortable,
        breathable protection while working in constant dirt and grime. Disposable,
        and come in a range of styles and sizes.
        •  Economical
        •  Full sizing
        •  Breathable
        •  Light-weight

        White Spunbound Polypropylene  (25/cs)  Blue Spunbound Polypropylene (25/cs)
         Item  Size        Item  Size
         50137 X-Large (25/cs)  50149  X-Large (25/cs)
         50138 2X-Large (25/cs)  50150  2X-Large (25/cs)
         50139 3X-Large (25/cs)  50151  3X-Large (25/cs)      Call for
                                                              price &
         50339 4X-Large (25/cs)  A40138 4X-Large (25/cs)     availability
         85003 5X-Large (25/cs)  A40139 5X-Large (25/cs)

        Lakeland ChemMAX™ 2                         Shieldtech 55
        Saranex® Coveralls                          Poly Coated

        The unparalleled strength and               Chemical Coveralls
        softness of ChemMAX 2 features               •  Entry-level chemical protection
        Dow Saranex® 23-P film on two                •  Softer and quieter material for all
        layers of a unique bi-component               day wear
        spunbound nonwoven substrate.                •  Liquid resistant
                                                     •  Serged seam construction
                                                     •  Meets ANSI sizing specifications
                                                                                        Call for
                      Call for                                                          price &
                      price &                                                         availability

         Item  Description    Item  Description  Price  Item  Description  Item  Description
         White Bound-Seam Coveralls with Boots, Hood, Elastic Wrists, and Ankles (12/cs)  Shieldtech 55 Yellow Coveralls, Serged Seam, with Hood, Elastic Wrists and Ankles (25/cs)
         A93317 Small (12/cs)  A85024 2X-Large (12/cs)  53090  Small (25/cs)  53094  2X-Large (25/cs)
         A93318 Medium (12/cs)  A80525 3X-Large (12/cs)  53091  Medium (25/cs)  53095  3X-Large (25/cs)
         A93319 Large (12/cs)  A85026 4X-Large (12/cs)  53092  Large (25/cs)  53096  4X-Large (25/cs)
         A93320 X-Large (12/cs)  A89625 5X-Large (12/cs)  53093  X-Large (25/cs)  53097  5X-Large (25/cs)
         White Heat-Sealed Seam Coveralls with Boots, Hood, Elastic Wrists, and Ankles (6/cs)  Shieldtech 55 Yellow Coveralls, Serged Seam, with Hood and Boots, Elastic Wrists (25/cs)
         A96060 Large (6/cs)  A96064 3X-Large (6/cs)  53075  Medium (25/cs)  53078  2X-Large (25/cs)
         A96061 X-Large (6/cs)  A96065 4X-Large (6/cs)  53076  Large (25/cs)  53079  3X-Large (25/cs)
         A96063 2X-Large (6/cs)  A96066 5X-Large (6/cs)  53077  X-Large (25/cs)  53080  4X-Large (25/cs)

        DuPont TY122S Tyvek® Coveralls    Description
        New comfort-fit coverall with zipper front, boots,   White Heat-Sealed Seam Coveralls with Boots, Hood, Elastic Wrists and Ankles (6/cs)
        elastic hood and wrists. Features and uses include:   Item  Size
         •  Greater range of movement     50141  Medium (25/cs)
         •  Improved mobility with more room throughout   50142  Large (25/cs)
          the back                        50143  X-Large (25/cs)
         •  More tailored fit and better overall comfort  50144  2X-Large (25/cs)
         •  Reinforcement in high stress areas for few blowouts  50145  3X-Large (25/cs)  Call for
                                                               price &
         •  Excellent abrasion resistance; stops particles down   50160  4X-Large (25/cs)  availability
          to one micron                   50161  5X-Large (25/cs)

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