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                         Honeywell Mill Fall Protection

                  AS LOW AS                          Miller Titan II Lanyard
               $ 46                                  Pack-type shock-absorbing lanyard is economical and features
                                                     Hi-Viz color for increased worksite safety.
        Miller Titan Non-Stretch                     •  Locking snap hook connection and anchorage
        Harness                                      •  Connectors rated at 3,600 lb. gate strength
        Lightweight, durable webbing for all         •  6’ Length
        day comfort and dependability.
         •  Easier vertical adjustability that stays   Item  Description   Price
          in place, slip-resistant back D-ring       1653-5698  Honeywell Miller Titan   $52.46
          pad and forward-positioned side                   T6111-Z7 S Lanyard (ea)
          D-rings keep your tool bags in
          the right place                            Miller 8816-14 Shadowlite Beam
         •  More comfort and better fit              Anchor Option
          with lighter, strategically-placed         Connects to flanged beams
          padding that provides optimal              ranging from 3 inches to 14
          airflow                                    inches wide and up to 1-1/4
         •  Increased worksite safety with           inches thick. Anchor grips
          Hi-Viz color webbing and ANSI              beam securely, yet moves
          Z359.11 compliance                         freely with the worker.
                                                     Item    Description                  Price
                                                             Miller 8816-14 Shadowlite Aluminum Adjustable Beam
                                                     A67929  Anchor, fits flange sizes from 3” to 14” (ea)  $229.59
         Item    Description                  Price
         1697-5599  Honeywell Miller Titan T4000/UAK Non-Stretch Harness,     $46.94   Miller 8184 Temporary
                Size Universal (ea)
                Honeywell Miller Titan T4000/XXLAK Gold Mating Buckle   Anchorage Connector
         1602-6003  Non-Stretch Harness, Size 2XL (ea)   $51.63
                                                     Wraps around I-beams and other structures to
                                                     form a secure attachment point for lanyards
        Miller Titan Universal Fit                   and other connecting devices. Two-inch
        Full Body Harness                            polyester webbing with Kevlar thread and steel
        •  Lightweight                               D-rings. Includes wearstrap.        Wearstrap
        •  Tubular shock-absorbing lanyard                                               not shown
        •  Reusable anchor point [in some kits]       Item   Description                  Price
        •  Water-resistant storage bag or container
                                                      1692-5392  Miller 8184 Temporary Anchorage Connector, 6 ft. (ea)  $87.79
         Item   Description      Price
         A17072  Honeywell Miller Titan T4500 Full   $56.20  Miller Grip™ Anchorage Connector
                Body Harness, Size Unifit (ea)
                                                     Provides a safe anchor point when
         7530-5882  Honeywell Miller Titan T4500 Full   $58.58  inserted into a properly-sized
                Body Harness, 2XL (ea)
                Honeywell Miller Titan T4507 Full    hole in cured concrete with a
         1626-0046  Body Harness, Size Unifit (ea)  $65.76  compression strength of at least
         1652-5697  Honeywell Miller Titan T4507 Full   $72.33  3,000 psi (20.7 MPa). Can be used
                Body Harness, 2XL (ea)               for vertical or overhead/ceiling
                                                     surface applications.
        Titan™ Fall Limiter/Lifeline                 Reusable for reinstallation in a new
        Requires less fall clearance than shock-absorbing   location.
        lanyards and reduces trip hazards. Flag deploys in the event   Item  Description  Price
        of a fall, indicating the unit has been subjected to fall-  A99708  Honeywell Miller Grip Anchorage Connector (ea)  $139.23
        arrest forces and should be removed from service.
        Increased productivity from 11-ft. (3.4 m) of working   Miller 8789TR Dual Shock-
        capacity, compared to a standard shock-absorbing   Absorbing Lanyard
        lanyard with only 6-ft. (1.8 m).
                                                     SofStop® Shock Absorber Pack designed with a
                                                     specially-woven inner core that smoothly
                                                     expands up to 42 inches (1.1m)
                                                     to reduce fall arrest forces
                                                     and includes a heavy-duty
                                                     back-up safety strap.
         Item   Description                   Price
         1654-5699 Honeywell Miller Titan Fall Limiter, Retractable, 11 ft. (ea)  $249.55  Item  Description  Price
                Honeywell Miller MightyLite Lifeline,    1608-6009  Miller 8798TR-Z7/6FTGN    $205.49
         1656-5691  Self-Retracting, 30 ft. (ea)  $1,118.44  HPA Lanyard with SofStop Shock Absorber, 6ft (ea)

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