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                               FallTech Fall Protection

                  AS LOW AS                          FallTech DuraTech Mini SRD
               $ 39                                  Carabiner
                                                     •  Single-leg SRD
        FallTech Contractor                          •  6’ working length
        Series Harness                               •  Compact and impact resistant nylon housing
        Contractor vest-style, contractor-grade      •  Integral shock absorber provides visual fall event
        full body harness with back and side          indication
        D-rings for fall arrest and positioning. Built   •  Steel snap hook on leg
        with our standard-duty 6,300 lb. polyester
        webbing for long life and an added measure   •  Integral swivel eye - reduces twisting
        of safety.                                   •  Steel carabiner w/captive pinhousing end
        •  Single D-ring (back)                      •  Swivel-eye for reduced lifeline leg twisting
        •  5-point adjustability                     •  Durable compact and impact resistant nylon housing
        •  9-position tongue buckle leg straps       •  Internal locking pawls provide quick and positive stopping
        •  Lanyard Keeper                             action
        •  6,300 lb. heavy-duty polyester webbing    •  Integral shock absorber also provides visual fall event
                                                      indication after deceleration
         Item   Description                   Price  •  Abrasion resistant Dyneema lifeline webbing provides longer
               FallTech 7016 CONTRACTOR 1-D Full Body  Harness,    service life
         72996  Size Unifit (ea)             $39.95
         1625-5693  FallTech 7016 CONTRACTOR Standard Full Body Harness, Non-   $43.92   Item  Description  Price
               Belted, Size XL/2XL
               FallTech 7016B CONTRACTOR+ Full Body  Harness,    1629-5899  FallTech Mini SRD Carabiner, 6’,  72706SB1 (ea)  $151.62
         1645-5899  Size Unifit (ea)         $58.29
         1646-5890  FallTech 7016BX/2X CONTRACTOR+ Full Body Harness,     $59.16
               Size XL/2XL                           FallTech Trailing Beam Clamp
        Falltech Full Body Harness
        Contractor full body harness providing
        adjustability, fit, and value for the practical
        •  Five-point adjustability
        •  Three D-rings                             Steel trailing beam clamp with  nylon slider pads on jaws provides worker
        •  One lanyard keeper                        with trailing mobility.
        •  Nine-position leg adjustments             •  Dual ratcheting for centering on   •  Precision machined aluminum
        •  Mating-buckle chest                        I-beam                bar creates positive lock
                                                     •  Fits 4” to 14” flange width  •  Ratcheting design with thumb
         Item   Description                   Price  •  Machined aluminum bar  latches provide ease of adjust-
         A50683  Falltech 7018 Full Body     $54.90  •  Alloy steel jaws for superior   ment
                Harness, Size Universal (ea)
         1631-5590  Falltech 7018 Full Body Harness, Size XL (ea)  $56.85
         1632-5591  Falltech 7018 Full Body Harness, Size XXL (ea)  $57.60  Item  Description  Price
                                                     1643-5897  FallTech 7530 Trailing Beam Clamp (ea)  $190.43
        FallTech Shock
        Absorbing Lanyard                            FallTech Hinged Roofing
        •  Single leg, with two snap hooks           Anchor
        •  Full-length internal energy absorber limits   Temporary reusable hinged roof anchor with heavy-duty
          fall forces to 900 lbs or less             D-ring. Includes nails and heavy-duty alloy steel plates.
        •  Durable tubular polyester outer jacket web   •  Reusable when attached with
          resists abrasion and UV                     screws
        •  3,600 lbs gate strength on all steel con-  •  Holes marked for use with
          nectors                                     either nails or screws
        •  Contrasting load-indicator stitch displays   •  Hinged design conforms to
          when a fall event has occurred              most roof peaks

         Item    Description                  Price  Item    Description                  Price
         1638-3109  FallTech Shock Absorbing Lanyard (ea)  $38.70  9520-5389  FallTech Hinged Roofing Anchor (ea)  $29.26

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