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How Education Helps U Grow

        Jeff Barthman of Ultra Clean is constantly looking for ways to improve his business, and operates under the philosophy of
        “nothing is off the table.”  Jeff and his team have attended numerous Aramsco classes over the past 10 years, and are always
        ready for products, processes, services or strategies that improve customer satisfaction and profitability.

        Aramsco Education has played a major role in helping them expand.  Initially Jeff was hesitant to enter the world of tile
        and grout cleaning, but after working with Aramsco associate Steve Johnson, and attending workshops, they went all in.
        They purchased the SX-12 rotary tool, the SX-7 hand tool, the Gekko Wand and all the accessories, and the Viper Venom line of
        products and associated specialty products. The results were even better than they expected.

           A message to Aramsco team member Steve Johnson
                                                      Steve, you’ve always given the best
          presentations and delivered the most useful and applicable information possible.  It’s great
          to have a person like you in our corner when we have questions or need advice on things.
          I’m excited to report how well the tile and grout cleaning is going. Honestly, if we could do more
          of it we would, and obviously we are working towards that.
          In just a short time, we’re approaching 1/3 of our annual revenues and we’re not even promoting
          as we should.  We’re getting double our price per sq. ft. over carpet cleaning and as you
          know, we’re not a low price company.  We’re about value and service and we charge for that.
          We’re doing very well and we’re very thankful you convinced us to add this service.

          We look forward to a lot more of it!
          ― Jeff Barthman, Owner/OperatOr, Ultra-Clean InC., hUdsOn wI

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