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SAFET Y                                      SAFET Y
                                Respiratory Protection

        5400 Series Full                                         AS LOW AS
        Facepiece Respirator                                $ 166
        •  Soft, lightweight elastomeric full                          EACH
        •  Compatible with all North
         cartridges and filters
         (cartridges not included)
        •  Soft, pliable full facepiece seal
         offers a secure fit
        •  Hard-coated, polycarbonate
         lens is scratch resistant,
         provides a wide field of vision,
         and protects against flying
         Item  Description                     Price
              North Dual Cartridge Elastomeric Full Face Respirator, Medium/
         52550  Large (ea)                  $121.85
         52551  North Dual Cartridge Elastomeric Full Face Respirator,  Small (ea)  $121.85

         7600 Series Full
         Facepiece Respirator
         Features a dual flange sealing              RU6500 Series Full Facepiece Respirator
         area for improved fit and                   A silicone full facepiece compatible with the N Series filters and cartridges.
         comfort, and a five strap                   •  Polycarbonate lens, with 200° field of vision: maximizes peripheral vision
         suspension. The nose cup                     plus downward view; meets ANSI Z 87 for high impact
         and face seal are 100% silicone.            •  Silicone facepiece seal: soft and flexible, providing workers with a
         Provides superior fit, comfort               comfortable fit
         and reliability.                            •  Lightweight design: reduces head and neck stress for the worker
         Facepiece comes with a speech               •  Innovative head strap system: quick and easy donning and doffing
         diaphragm that helps amplify workers’       •  Threaded cartridge connector: Secures cartridges and filters; can be
         conversations when directions, warnings and   adapted to PAPR or CF-SAR*
         other communication must be heard by others. Hard coated polycarbonate   •  Choice of 5-pt harness or nylon mesh headnet
         faceshield offers a wide 200 degree field of vision.
                                                     Item    Size     Price  Item  Size    Price
         •  Can be adapted to a PAPR and a continuous flow supplied-air respirator  North Full Facepiece, 5pt Head Harness,   North Full Facepiece, Mesh Headnet, Silicone
         •  Wide sealing area                        Silicone Seal and Nose Cup  Seal and Nose Cup
         •  Lens offers 200 degree field of vision, plus downward view  1619-2092 Small (ea)  $166.53  1614-2198 Small (ea)  $179.99
         •  Latex-free                               1618-2091 Medium (ea) $166.53  1612-2196  Medium (ea) $179.99
         •  Chin cup helps to position the facepiece properly  1617-2090 Large (ea)  $166.53  1610-2194 Large (ea)  $179.99
         Item    Description                   Price  MSA Advantage
         52490  North Dual Cartridge Elastomeric Full Face Respirator,   $238.91  Cartridges and Filters
                Medium/Large (ea)
         MSA Advantage 3200                          Item: 52540
         Full Face Respirator                        Description: Low Profile P100 Filter
         •  Full face respirator features state-of-the-art   Price: $11.20/pk (2 per Pack)
          design to lower breathing resistance, and
          preset upper straps make put on/take       Item: 52583
          off easy
         •  Scratch-resistant wraparound faceplate   Description: GME P100  Cartridge
          allows for wide field-of-vision            Price: $28.97/pk (2 per Pack)
         •  Hand-replace components in seconds
         •  Pre-adjustable straps deliver a consistent   Item: 52538
          fit, time after time
         •  Preset upper straps prevent uncomfortable   Description: GMA P100 OV Cartridge
          snags during donning and doffing and provide   Price: $28.80/pk (2 per Pack)
          a tighter, more secure seal
         Item  Description                     Price  Item: 52539
         52565 MSA Advantage 3200 Full Facepiece Respirator, Rubber Harness, Medium (ea) $203.91  Description: GMC OV/AG/P100 Cartridge
         52566 MSA Advantage 3200 Full Facepiece Respirator, Rubber Harness, Large (ea)  $203.83  Price: $28.80/pk (2 per Pack)

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