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SAFET Y                                      SAFET Y
                                Respiratory Protection
        Particulate Respirator 8210, N95                          ONLY
                                                           $ 854

                                                     PR500 Series
                                                     PAPR Assembly
                                                     This mask-mounted
                                                     PAPR  and belt-mounted
        •  Compatible with a variety of eye/hearing   battery pack and blower/
          protection                                 filter assembly ride
        •  Adjustable nose clip                      comfortably on the wearer’s
                                                     hip, taking the weight off
        •  Two-strap with dual point         Call for   the facepiece. Silicone full
                                             price &
          attachment for secure fit         availability  facepieces are available for
        •  Reduces heat build-up by  5.5° F          mask-mounted sizes.
                                                     •  Front mount
         Item   Description
                                                      capability provides
         52200  N95 Particulate Respirator (20/bx)    an alternate option
         1633-0019  N95 Particulate Respirator With Exhalation Valve (10/bx)  for users who may
                                                      prefer the comfort
         Aegis N95 Particulate Respirator             of not having the
                                                      PAPR blower on
         The Aegis N95 particulate respirator is designed for   their belt
         comfortable and reliable respiratory        •  Allows users the flexibility of
         protection.                                  converting from APR to PAPR in
         •  Lightweight construction                  three different mask sizes
         •  Sturdy, comfortable fit                  •  Ideal for users who need only High
         •  NIOSH approved                            Efficiency Particulate (HEPA)
         •  Soft foam nose for extra                 •  Lightweight unit will not slow
          comfort                                     worker efficiency
         •  Adjustable aluminum nose bridge          •  Water-resistant battery pack is
          for a more secure fit                       contoured for better fit
         •  Double elastic comfort fit straps        Assembly includes:  RU6500 Facepiece with
         •  Available with or without exhalation valve  Call for   5-point headstrap, battery, blower, battery charge
                                             price &   Item  Description                  Price
                                            availability  1678-3324 PR501S Front Mount PAPR Assembly, Small (ea)  $854.53
         Item   Description                          1679-3325 PR501M Front Mount PAPR Assembly, Medium (ea)  $854.53
         1665-5223 Aegis N95 Respirator with Exhalation Valve, 10 per box  1669-3727 PR501L Front Mount PAPR Assembly, Large (ea)  $854.53
         1669-5227 Aegis N95 Respirator without Exhalation Valve, 20 per box  52601  PAPR HEPA High Efficiency Filter 108044 (ea)  $9.20

        Moldex® N100 Particulate                     Powerflow™ Powered Air Purifying
        Respirator                                   Respirator (PAPR)
        •  100% PVC free                             •  Easily decontaminated
        •  HandyStrap® with buckle                   •  Minimum 4 cu. ft. 115 liters
          allows mask to hang                         air/minute
          down around the user’s                     •  Lightweight, compact,
          neck when not in use                        mobile
        •  Cloth HandyStrap® feels                   •  Rechargeable nickel
          cool and comfortable                        cadmium battery pack
        •  Ventex® valve lets the                    •  Up to 8 hours continuous
          hot air out faster so                       battery use
          workers breathe easier
          and stay cooler longer                     •  Powered-air constant flow,
                                             Call for   mask-mounted motor/airflow unit
                                             price &
                                            availability  Item  Description                Price
         Item  Description                           52481  Powerflow PAPR Assembly, Medium (ea)  $541.11
         52652  Moldex N-100 Particulate Respirator, Medium/Large (5/bx)  52480  SP3 High Efficiency Filter (ea)  $10.53

            = due to high demand, please call for pricing  7 7       Products subject to availability
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